Automate LetsEncrypt SSL Installation with Ansible for multiple domains

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In this blog, we will Automate LetsEncrypt SSL Installation with Ansible for multiple domains.



# Variables for Role Certbot certs.
certbot_create_if_missing: false
certbot_create_method: standalone
certbot_admin_email: youremailid
- nginx
- {servername: "", documentroot: "/var/www/"}
- {servername: "", documentroot: "/var/www/"}

2. Create a main.yml file that will execute the command of installing certbot. This script handles multiple domains using loop concept in ansible. I have used with_items that will work as a for loop and then based on the result of the first statement it will generate the certificate if not exist

- name: Upgrade System
apt: upgrade=dist update_cache=yes
- name: Add certbot repository
repo: 'ppa:certbot/certbot'
- name: Install Certbot's Nginx package
name: python-certbot-nginx
state: present

- name: Check if certificate already exists.
path: /etc/letsencrypt/live/{{ item.servername}}/cert.pem
register: letsencrypt_cert
with_items: "{{ apache_vhosts }}"
- name: Stop services to allow certbot to generate a cert.
name: "{{ item }}"
state: stopped
- "{{ certbot_create_standalone_stop_services }}"
- name: Generate new certificate if one doesn't exist.
shell: "certbot certonly --standalone --noninteractive --agree-tos --email {{ certbot_admin_email }} -d {{ item.item.servername}}"
with_items: "{{ letsencrypt_cert.results }}"
when: item.stat.exists == False
- name: Start services after cert has been generated.
name: "{{ item }}"
state: started
with_items: "{{ certbot_create_standalone_stop_services }}"

3. Create a main.yml that will call the above file.

- hosts: proxy
become: yes
gather_facts: no
- environments/{{ env }}//group_vars//main.yml
- certbot

4. Now run the playbook

ansible-playbook main.yml -i environments/dev/inventory/hosts — extra-vars env=dev

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