How to create your first custom Helm Chart

5 min readFeb 24, 2021

In this blog, we will explore basics of helm and how to create a custom helm chart.


  1. Helm should be installed


  1. Why Helm ?
  2. What is Helm ?
  3. Helm basic commands
  4. How Helm communicates with your Kubernetes Cluster
  5. How to find chart’s details
  6. Create a custom helm chart

How Kubernetes deployment works ?

In Kubernetes, if you have to deploy any application then at a minimum you need to create a these below components

  • secrets for database and admin console authentication
  • A ConfigMap for externalized database configuration
  • services for networking
  • A PersistentVolumeClaim for database storage
  • A StatefulSet for deploying the database in a stateful fashion
  • A Deployment for deploying the frontend

To create all these components you need to create a yaml file and provide all the configuration inside that. Maintaining this can be a tedious work and to solve this we use the concept of Helm.

What is Helm ?

Helm is an open source tool used for packaging and deploying applications on Kubernetes.

It is often referred to as the Kubernetes Package Manager

Helm Hub is a place where you can find all the known public chart repositories and it provide a search functionality.

How to search for a particular chart in Helm Hub

Below command will provide you information about all the charts which are available to use

helm search hub wordpress

So if you need to use a bitnami charts then you can use that url from the output above and that will provide you all the information…