Introduction of Heroku

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In this blog, we will cover the Introduction of Heroku and configuring Heroku on our local system


As developers, we work in a world of abstractions. Each piece of technology that we use is built upon layers and layers of other systems. Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, and Node.js were created to abstract away the painful parts of web development. They set up standards and best practices to build web applications. We have all of these amazing tools to build applications, but for a long time, we still struggled to easily deploy and scale them.

What is Heroku

Heroku is the Platform as a Service that changed how we deploy web applications. Heroku automates the pain points of deploying code and has established best practices to build applications that need to scale. We no longer need to deal with the pain of setting up load balancers, patching servers, or scrambling to scale up our infrastructure in response to high traffic.

Installation on Windows

2. After installation, check the version

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Prerequisite to run Heroku

Install Heroku CLI from here for windows

Run below command for linux

npm i -g heroku

You use the CLI to manage and scale your applications, provision add-ons, view your application logs, and run your application locally.

Verify Installation

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3. Run heroku login

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Authenticating is required to allow both the heroku and git commands to operate.

We can ensure that we are authenticated with the auth:whoami command. If logged in successfully, it will print our e-mail address:

$ heroku auth:whoami

Conngratulations!! You have successfully completed Introduction of Heroku and configuring Heroku on our local system.

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