Jenkins — Installation and Setup

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Install on Linux

Open the url in the browser. Default port is 8080


It will ask for the initial password, please run the below command

cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword

Two methods to install Jenkins on Windows

  1. Download jenkins.war file and and deploy that war file on tomcat .
  2. In Command Prompt Run the following command:

java -jar jenkins.war — httpPort=8080

  1. Normal download whole software and install it
  2. http://localhost:8080
  3. Login and default password is present in admin and secrets/initialAdminPassword

Run as a Window Service

  1. If you have install it as a windows installer then it automatically running as a Windows Service.
  2. If not, then Go to Manage Plugin and click on Install as a Window Service

Change the default port

  1. Change jenkins.xml file

Configure Windows Slave Agent

Manage Jenkins -> Global Tool Configuration ->Agents as shown below

Once this is enabled you will see the option in Launch method “Launch agent via Java Web Start” in the below steps

Now go to Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes -> Add Node

Login to your windows machine

Install Java on Windows Machine

Install git on Windows Machine

Set path

C:\Program Files\Git\cmd


Download the jdk-8u161-windows-x64.exe and install it

Click on agent.jar to download agent.jar

Copy agent.jar to the remote agent

Run from agent command line:

Once command is successful, you will see the below screenshot

Jenkins Setup with Windows Slave is completed successfully.

Configure Java_home,GIT,Maven,Gradle

  1. Manage Plugins -> Global Tool Configuration

Create a freestyle project for ANT and Maven

  1. Create a sample project and commit in github
  2. Create build.xml and commit it with the code ( Need to research if i need to use different xml file on different location)

Run Jenkins build from eclipse

  1. Download myvln

Back up and Restore Jenkins

Install pLugins

  1. Dashboard View, Deploy to Container Plugin,Monitoring,Audit Trail,disk-usage plugin ,backup plugin
  2. Create back up and then restore

Jenkins Command Line

  1. Download jar from this location : jenkinsurl/jnlpJars/jenkins-cli.jar

2. java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://localhost:8080/ help

ERROR: You must authenticate to access this Jenkins.
Jenkins CLI



  1. YOu can change config.xml for like increasing the number of executor

Disk Usage

  1. Go to Dashboard | Manage Jenkins | Disk Usage:

Integrate sonar with Jenkins

  1. Install plugins : Sonar quality Gates Plugin, SonarQube scanner for Jenkins
  2. Get the token from sonarqube to integrate with sonar
  3. Configure sonar — Manage Jenkins->Configure System
  4. Configure sonar-runner — Manage Jenkins — Global Tool Configuration
  5. In job , add build — execute sonar -> and that will do the anaylysis of files.

JFrog Artifactory

Download from

Run artifactory.bat for windows


Default username/password = admin/password

Unit Testing Plugin

TestNG Result Plugin

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